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Binge and Cringe-The Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Dave and Ryan discuss some recent events, such as Dave Chappelle's new stand up, Sticks and Stones. The Antonio Brown saga, people storming Area 51, and IT: Chapter 2 Review (Spoilers). Lastly, we talk about the top 3 states to drive through. 

Intro Song: Post Malone-Circles



Sep 18, 2019

We have done top ten shows on netflix part 1 and 2, but this is the real list, top ten tv shows of all time. Dave and Ryan discuss their top ten tv shows of all time, regardless of network or streaming service. 

Sep 6, 2019

Dave is back to discuss with Ryan 13 Reasons Why Season 3 (Full Spoilers), The New Breaking Bad Movie, Carli Lloyd kicking in the NFL, and the top 3 worst places to be hungover. 


Intro Song-M83: Midnight City 

Sep 2, 2019

Sam and Ryan once again preview the NFL season in what is the longest episode in the history of the podcast. Topics include division picks, wild card picks, individual awards and Super Bowl. Sam goes on an EPIC rant about the Green Bay Packers, and we discuss the Andrew Luck retirement at the end as we had...